Get deep in the culture and people of Rapa Nui, celebrating a festival where the population is divided into two alliances for 9 days and compete in different challenges, gaining points to crown their candidate as the Queen of Rapa Nui.

One of Easter Island’s mayor attraction is their cultural festivals, of which there are many held throughout the year. The most famous includes the Tapatai Rapa Nui and Tokerau festivals. The former is the most relevant display of the island’s cultural traditions, given that it promotes Rapa Nui ancestral customs through songs, dances, typical dresses and other ancient traditions.

Some of the competitions you’ll be able to experience:
– Tau’a: Rapa Nui triathlon that takes place in Rano Raraku Volcano
– Takona: Body painting with natural elements
– Haka Pei: Competitors slide on banana trunks from a hill at fast speed
– Vaka Tuai: Alliances recreate a traditional Polynesian boat and then go sailing in the Pacific Sea
– Hoka Hako Opo: Music bands sing lyrics that can’t be repeated
– Pora: Dressed with typical outfits competitors swim on a handmade boat
– Titinggi Mahauta: Costumes made with Mahuate plant
– Riu: By ritual songs the tell legends and stories of their culture

Program includes:
– Local flight SCL/IDP/SCL (upon request)
– Lodging based upon availability at Hotels
– Transfer In and Out
– 1 Full day (with Box Lunch) and 2 half days
– English speaking guide
– Entrance to National Park
– Breakfast at Hotel

Not included:
– Tips
– Meals not mentioned on the program.

Duration: 3,5 hrs aprox
Distance: 25 kms aprox
Altitude: 180 mts
Places visited: Ceremonial site of Tahai Ahu, Ahu Akivi, Ana Te Pahu cave and Puna Pau

Duration: 7,5 hrs aprox
Distance: 50 kms aprox
Altitude: 155 mts
Box Lunch included
Recommendations: bring water and clothes for swimming in Anakena beach; ask for towels at the hotel.
Places visited: Anakena beach, Vaihu Ahu in the Hanga Tee south coast, Ahu Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Te Pito Kura, Ahu Nau Nau, and Ahu Ature Huki.

Duration: 3,5 hrs aprox
Distance: 20 kms aprox, with a soft 45 minutes walk
Altitude: 320 mts
Places visited: Ceremonial Village of Orongo, Rano Kau crater, Ana Kai Tangata Cave and Ahu Vinapu