Location: 33º50´ Latitude South – 34º45´ Latitude South between Andes Mountain (E) and Pacific Ocean (W). Solar radiation: 566 calorie/cm 2 from January to March. Diurnal temperature variation: 15,9º C from December to May.

Considerations: Chile’s Cachapoal Valley is a viticultural paradise and provides the best setting for the enjoyment of national and foreign visitors alike.

Just an hour and a half from Santiago, it is home to eleven of Chile’s most important wineries that offer not only excellent wines but beautiful parks, century-old mansions, and state-of-the-art wine-making facilities as well. With the omnipresent Andes Mountains as a backdrop, the Cachapoal Valley Wine Route includes the Porta, Gracia, San Isidro, Anakena, Altaïr, Las Casas del Toqui, Chateau Los Boldos, Casa Lapostolle, Torreón de Paredes, Misiones de Rengo, and Morandé wineries, all makers of magnificent award-winning wines.

Also included in its attractive the colonial Hacienda Los Lingues, which provides wonderful accommodations. Beautiful, natural, and peaceful, the Cachapoal Valley offers local color and comfort just 90 minutes from the capital.

Our first winery Anakena is located 100 kilometers south of Santiago in the Andes foothills, where the unique climate and the most modern technology besides its location on the very piedmont gives character to its wines and allows for the natural use of gravity throughout the wine making process. Anakena invites you to discover the excellence and diversity of the wines of..