It is a transversal valley that follows the course of the Aconcagua River,has a width of 3 to 4 km and is surrounded by hills that rise between 1,500 and 1,800 meters above see level.Te climate semidry,high temperatures with rainfall that does not exceed 200mm annually:therefore the vines are trickle irrigated with waters from the Aconcagua river.There is no frost in sping and it has a thermal oscillation that fluctuates between 15 and 18 degrees Celcius(59 and 64 degrees F).

It is characterized by its high luminosity,between 240 and 300 clear days per year.The zone specializing in the plantation of grapes concentrated mainly in Panquehue located in the middle of the valley and boxed in on both sides by the coastal range,which shape a corridor where the north winds and the marine influence enters,contributing toward lowering the temperatures favoring the cultivation of red wines,as it permits the optimum and slow ripening of the grape.

We will drive north east of Santiago trough the Chacabuco valley, cross the offshoot coming from the Andes to the Aconcagua valley, our first stop is going to be for a spectacular picture of the highest peak in the Americas at 22,800 feet, then we will arrive to the Andes town, visit the typical main square with its very old threes…